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I was even planning the title for the blog post I would write about it before I arrived there.

(Yes, I am that nerd.) Maybe something like: “Yangshuo: Saving the best for last.” Or: “Yangshuo: Love at last sight.” Or: “Yangshuo: The Reason Why I Never Left China and Now I’m in Prison for Violating My Visa” I didn’t end up loving Yangshuo, though. You know, the guy that you have so much in common with? The guy with the cute glasses and the clever responses to even the stupidest questions and the list of the same favorite books as you.

In fact, my guidebook advised I skip over Guilin all together and head straight to Yangshuo.

That’s how much And I was pretty sure it was going to be my best.

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And while you’re sending him flirty little emails, you’re already planning your wedding and all the cute babies you’re going to have together even though you don’t even babies. ) And then you finally meet the guy, and you’re like, “Meh. In fact, for the first couple hours that I was in the city, I thought I was in love. But I’ve fallen in love for lesser reasons, really.

As an added bonus they have a very feminine appearance and a sweet and caring nature… All my Indonesian girls were above average in bed and I had some of the best sex while I was living in Indonesia.

Indonesian girls definitely match to and often surpass other of their South East Asian sisters, such as Thai girls or Cambodian girls (et alii). This is because the country is still very much in development. If you’re on a budget look to stay around Blok M shopping mall. However, it’s also known as Jakarta’s red light district so for some Jakarta girls it has a negative overtone to it.

Jakarta can come across as a dirty and crowded city. Even though it’s only one street (Palatehan road with a few bars where you can play hooker snooker, e.g. Jakarta’s backpacker’s area is called Jalan Jaksa and is situated in Central Jakarta.

It also has some of the worst traffic problems in the world. So if you want to go from one area to another you’ll probably be stuck in traffic. Hotels are more expensive than other countries in South East Asia (like Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam,…).

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