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One of the Christian dating sites where I have had the pleasure to socialize online and meet great datable men is Christian Christian Cafe is managed and run by Christians to ensure that every member is able to meet a potential Christian partner.Christian offers a 10 day trial, allowing new members to evaluate the service and see its benefit.The Talmud also contains a pun on shebeth, where it secondarily means "dill", a spice.Another related word is modern Hebrew shevita, a labor strike, with the same focus on active cessation of labor.As often as not, I wound up at the shopping mall on Sunday afternoon.Of course, Christians aren't bound by Old Testament Sabbath directives.Biblical Sabbath is a weekly day of rest or time of worship given in the Bible as the seventh day.

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If you feel you can meet a great partner from the site, then you can decide if you want to be a paid member once your trial is completed.At the end of the day, when I finally had time to look for love, most people in my area were already sleeping.Going to church on Sabbath and joining church´s activities didn´t help to find me a partner because either the single men were undatable or the great men were taken.The Deseret News poll was conducted by Y2 Analytics and You Gov among 1,000 Americans plus an oversample of 250 Mormons and 250 Jews, two groups known for their Sabbath observance.It finds that members of some religious groups, such as Mormons and evangelicals, continue to focus their Sunday activities around church attendance and Bible study, while others spend their time on less spiritual pursuits.

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