How to stop steam from updating crazy cat lady dating website

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I don't want to do that yet because I want to keep playing the career that I started already.

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I tried that, it reverted back before the installation finished I wish CA would stop using steam, i'm sick of beta patches being released that are unstable and not having any choice but to have them installed and not being able to play the game becasue of them!

Now after every login it thinks it's not yet installed.

So I decide to make this short little guide on how to not update your game.

I don't want to do that for every user becouse the update is really big and I have limited HDD space, so is it possible to stop Steam doing that?

I've installed on a vanilla Ubuntu 14.10 the normal Steam from the page and the problem has appeared on a second user (the popup looks similar to the dropbox install-one, I can send a screenshot if it helps) When a user logs in, Steam should not automatically open.

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