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They got together for a secret first date at the Lights on the Lake followed by a first kiss.The instant messaging got more and more sexually explicit.De Witt, NY -- It all started in October with online chatting about homework. He was a 29-year-old graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.Eventually they exchanged sexually explicit pictures of each other.When Riverdale’s pilot hit San Diego Comic-Con last July, the news that Archie was hot for teacher, spurred lots of raised eyebrows, especially because the original Miss Grundy wasn’t exactly the kind of teacher teen boys crush on. Archie, a horny 15-year-old boy, is more than willing to bone with the beautiful and busty Miss Grundy. While the specifics of this matter vary from state to state, this case is pretty black and white illegal. And even in our most backwards states, schools tend to frown on fraternizing between teachers and their student’s bodies.But Riverdale’s is a younger, hot Miss Grundy, played by the vivacious Sarah Habel. The series has come under fire for allegedly romanticizing their relationship. He’s been largely dodging the standard Betty and Veronica lover triangle to pursue his passions with Grundy.Shawnetta Reece, a middle school gym teacher from Georgia, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy.Reece, of Blairsville, Georgia, is one of a string of female teachers in the U. to be accused of having sexual contact with an underage boy. “During the investigation, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Union County Sheriff’s Office determined that the former teacher, Shawnetta Reece, now-40, was sexually involved with an 8th-grade student in 2013,” reported 11Alive. She does have a Pinterest page in which she posted recipes about healthy eating, and a You Tube channel with a few video shares about things like track-and-field.

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When Archie wants to go to the cops and confess that he and Grundy heard a gunshot near Sweet Water River the morning Jason went into the water, he demands Grundy to tell him why he shouldn’t. Maybe it’s not right, but it’s real.” And more telling, “Archie,” He’s essentially blackmailing her: tell me you love me, or I’m going to the cops. And Riverdale’s been teasing that element since her very introduction.

Yet Archie isn’t doing that out of malice, but out of a naiveté that allows him to think this is some forbidden romance instead of a deeply damaged woman manipulating her underage lover to keep her out of trouble. In episode two, Archie’s old pal figures out why Archie bailed on their July 4th road trip, and why they’ve been estranged ever since. When Grundy rolled up on Archie on that summer day where he was sweaty from working his dad’s construction crew, she was wearing an allusion meant to make savvy viewers unsettled from the jump.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested to assist the Union County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation,” a press release issued by the bureau reads.

“During the course of the investigation, the GBI was able to determine that former middle school physical education teacher Shawnetta D.

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