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Financial advisers view an investment strategy as a pyramid.A strong base is fundamentally important to support the levels of risk an investor bears as securities with varying levels of volatility layer over the foundation.

I hope I would meet a man who I am dreaming to....... I have a Bachelor of Nursing and an Associate's degree in Hotel from Stamford University. Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate between 40 - 60yrs, Hi, I'm a young lovely Thai girl who can speak, read and write English quite well. Seeking a Caucasian soul mate between 38 - 48 , tall, kind, faithful, cheerful, considerate, I'm flexible about having more children and where to live I will be good girl for you." I like beaches,like romance,like travel.

His main photo on Bumble was one of him sitting in a park with his long red hair pulled back into a ponytail. He called himself a “true liberal” and was into playing pool and reading anime.

From reading his skimpy profile, it was evident that our interests didn’t mesh, and I wasn’t honestly attracted to his ponytail. Once we started messaging, we chatted about how long we'd lived in Brooklyn for and what we did for a living.

A few days later, I was scrolling through my Bumble messages and I realized that I totally missed the fact that he asked me out! I apologized for the delayed response and I said I’d be free to go out on Saturday afternoon.

He wanted to take me to this noodle shop in Chinatown and then hit up the park.

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