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By 2004, he had dropped out of school to pursue a career in poker.

For the next few months, Brian continued to live up in the Palo Alto area, playing poker both live and online.

Within five weeks, he had quit the temp job to focus full time on poker for the remainder of the summer.

After making ,000 his first summer playing, Brian was hooked and never looked back.

We’ve been following Kiss Me, Kill Me since it announced a Kickstarter campaign last October.

The world premiere screening of “Kiss Me, Kill Me,” a noir thriller starring Gale Harold (“Queer as Folk”), is set for Sept. Director Casper Andreas will be there along with cast members Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ...

Aurora ..more »In the feature department, we’re also on the lookout for the Manhattan drama “Those People,” the who-dunnit “Kiss Me, Kill Me” with a cast including “Queer As Folk’s” Gale Harold, former Atlantan Gerald Mc Cullouch’s “Daddy,” and the ...

LUNA GALE Comes to Aurora Theatre Next Month - Broadway World Broadway World Aurora Theatre Company opens its 26th season with Rebecca Gilman's (Blue Surge, Spinning Into Butter, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball) LUNA GALE.

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He took a temp job and used that money to fund his poker habit, playing online and live at Barona Casino.The second season of Queer as Folk, an American and Canadian television series, consisted of twenty episodes and premiered on Showtime on January 6, 2002, in the United States and on Showcase on January 21, 2002, in Canada.Suffering post-trauma after the bashing, Justin can't remember the fateful night and Brian can't forget it. Ted's favorite author, Howard Bellweather, is in town to protest Brian's award while collecting his own.Justin is unable to process Chris Hobbs' attack, or to accept physical contact, despite Brian's best efforts. Having lost hand control from his bashing, Justin quits art school (he's lost the fine motor skills needed to hold a brush.) Michael decides to quit the Big Q and risks all to buy a comic book store.Ted ditches his new accounting job to start his own porno website. Michael decides to continue dating HIV positive Ben, despite the objections of Brian, Ted, Emmett, and his mother, Debbie.

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