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Sometimes these charges will not be posted to your online statement immediately or your credit card provider may not post pending charges on your online statement.You may want to contact your credit card provider and ask them to tell you what the pending charges are from us.I know that this process can be frustrating, but once it is done, you should be able to make instant buys. Hi Denise, I did contact my cc company (Chase) and was told they post amounts less than a dollar, so that's not an factor with my problem. In the video, which was re-posted on another You Tube channel, Sir Foch said things like, "Fuck Wargaming, fuck their terrible way of making these premium tanks lately, and fuck this premium tank in particular." Specifically, he criticised the tank's lack of weak points behind the machine gun ports by showing viewers its collision model which he argued made the Chrysler K overpowered. Ph3lan explained, according to screenshots of the conversation provided by Sir Foch, that the You Tuber would be dropped from the program giving him early access to content and would need to take down his video or else Wargaming would be forced to have You Tube remove it for copyright infringement.This led Sir Foch to remove the first video and upload a second one explaining in more detail what he sees as the game's shift toward pay-to-win with expensive new overpowered vehicles and what he perceived as Wargaming's attempt to silence him for his negative remarks.players angry that Wargaming would try to censor criticism of the game through copyright strikes, Ph3lan explained on the game's forums that it was the manner and tone of Sir Foch's criticism and not the criticism itself that had led them to both end his involvement in the partner program and seek the removal of the video.

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You’re not Elon Musk- you ain’t Marissa Mayer, you’re not going to get to space, and you won’t build the next Space X. Fuck your open space floor plans- You really think Zucks builds Facebook’s 2017 roadmap while a nerf war is raging outside? Fuck working out of garages and fuck your 2.5 square meters “workspace”. Fuck the transparency trend, the post mortem and the 5 whys. Fuck having a Design sprint in EVERY sprint, pushing to production 100 times a day, using no staging environment and building a micro services architecture.

Nobody gives a fuck that Elon musk is working 100 hours a week, and that Marissa Mayer pulling in a 130 hour work week while still breastfeeding her newborns. You should celebrate any day that you don’t have to sell off another part of your company. Fuck you for telling me that TV is a waste of time but you’re all about the Netflix and chill. And I never got a compilation error on a white board, when I need a hash set in Java I just use Hash Set- I don’t fucking care about the complexity of this code block because I can afford another EC2 instance! Everyone there is the CEO of something-something and they’re all building a MVP to disrupt the who gives a fuck market and that hockey-stick growth is guaranteed.

Fuck your noise cancelling headphones and Pomodoro timers, your fucking to-do lists, apps, notes, sticky notes, and God knows what else. Robot is kind of like you, because you like to geek out on that shit. Keep laughing about how HBO’s Silicon Valley is realistic instead of asking why. I never had to shift a bit in a C array in my life! Fucking DAU’s, WAU’s, MAU’s, ARPU, LTV, CPM, CPI, CPC, PPC, CPA, CTR, SEO, ASO, Yo Y, Wo W, Fuck over Fuck. And the fucking networking events, my fucking lord.

So I tried to re-charge but your policy is that I can't do this more than once per week.

Now I have to wait until next week and try this again.

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