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Area Codes The local area codes in Las Vegas are 702, 775 and 725.The full 10-digit phone number with area code must be dialed to complete the call.

As in, don’t blaze up right in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard and of course not while driving.It is forbidden to bring into the country almost any meat products (including canned, fresh, and dried-meat products such as bouillon, soup mixes, and so forth). For information on what you’re allowed to take home, contact your home country’s Customs agency.Generally, condiments, including vinegars, oils, pickled goods, spices, coffee, tea, and some cheeses and baked goods are permitted. Disabled Travelers On the one hand, Las Vegas is fairly well equipped for travelers with disabilities, with virtually every hotel having wheelchair-accessible rooms and ramps and other requirements.Travis Heinrich, who was present, said Jenkins and Fiore had been arguing over her friendship with Heinrich, which resulted in Jenkins hitting Fiore's arm and causing her to fall into a nearby swimming pool.The pair reconciled shortly before Fiore's death and were reportedly traveling to San Diego for a poker game.

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