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The skis all have at least some carbon (although you wouldn’t know it from how they rip), the boots come in well under eight pounds, and only one of the bindings has a frame. With dimensions based on the old V8, with just a bit more tip rocker and a profile like the original Charger, this plank is a “near perfect mélange of float, dampness, versatility, and tourability,” said one tester.

So yeah, a lot of brands are making great stuff, but there was one clear winner: the crazily adept Supercharger. It’s surprisingly light given its girth (106 millimeters underfoot), but a new aspen core with carbon stringers adds confidence on steeps.

Gear of the Year This season our team of more than four dozen tested 210 skis, 53 boots, and 13 bindings—and crunched the num­bers on 1,400 review forms—to come up with this: the best backcountry gear of the year.

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