Dating ramayana

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Other texts include the epic stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The manuscript of the text was copied in seven large volumes in 'nagari' script by Mahatma Hirananda between 16, and illuminated by Sahib Dib, Manohar, and other artists in the court studio of the Ranas of Udaipur, Jagat Singh (1628-1652) and Raj Singh (1652-1680).

But before going to the dating, we will first address the vexed question of the relative chronology of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Traditionally, all Hindus known that Ramayana is older than Mahabharata.

But many American indologists, who seem to know more about Hindusim than Hindus, claim that Ramayana happened after Mahabharata. Hence Ramayana is definitely from an earlier age than Mahabharata.

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There is an omnipresent, eternal being called Brahman, who created everything, and various deities are worshipped, including Ram(a), S(h)iva, Lakshmi and Hanuman.There is no single founder or central historical figure.Among world religions, it has the most adherents after Christianity and Islam: of India's population of 1.14 billion, over 80% - more than 900 million people - regard themselves as Hindu.History is said to be the original discipline in the faculties today known as humanities.This is owing to the fact that every discipline in knowledge discourse has a history – even abstract disciplines like mathematics or astronomy – and every piece of history has a geophysical contextuality.

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