Dating a countess show

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We don’t usually begin an episode with full-blown, all-out, batshit craziness, not unless the episode is the fulfilment of a TO BE CONTINUED from the week before.

And yet, somehow, improbably, this episode begins with a scene at what should just be an innocent pizza lunch in the Bronx, and ends with Dorinda screaming at Sonja that she’s an “asswipe,” a “fraud,” and with Dorinda doing this: Alright, so. before leaping up to collect her coat, stopping to scream at Sonja that she’s the “hostess with the mostess,” as seen above.

Bethenny decided it would be fun to drag these ladies out of Manhattan for an authentic pizza lunch out in the Bronx because why should Manhattan be the only borough where they get drunk and scream at one another? Someone convinces Dorinda to return to the table, because she sits back down as Sonja sniffs that this whole Tipsy Girl thing was one of the reasons why Dorinda didn’t invite her to the Berkshires that one time. If you remember, Dorinda did not invite Sonja to the Berkshires because she claimed that it would be too much drama to have Bethenny and Sonja there in the wake of Tipsy Girlgate, that and she thought Sonja had been drinking too much. It now seems possible that Dorinda was trying to avoid being dragged into Tipsy Girlgate; that at the very least she was approached about it by Peter Whatshisface …

And everyone is invited except Ramona because nope, nope, hell nope. and at the worst, she came close to joining the deal.

Brad Boles landed in New York in the early eighties at the height of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and worked his way up the make-up artist ladder to fame with his work being featured on the cover's of countless fashion magazines, as well as editorial spreads.

Brad was the creative director for Denise Rich for 12 years as her stylist and make-up artist, as well as designing her legendary parties for such luminaries as President Clinton, Patti Labelle, Natelie Cole, and Richard Avedon.

FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” will open for business on Oct.

7, and as check-in time approaches, new details are starting to emerge about the many twisted characters who inhabit Ryan Murphy’s latest macabre playground.

Ramona sneers that she only skis in Aspen, but she’s willing to rough it to try to mend her relationship with Bethenny.“He’s very interested in domesticity and sort of nesting and hunkering down and having her to himself every now and then, and that doesn’t go over so well with her limitless hunger,” Bomer told EW of his character.Kathy Bates’ Iris is Donovan’s mother, who runs the hotel.So the ladies file in, each dressed more inappropriately for a pizza joint than the next, with the exception of Dorinda who explains that she’s rocking a pretty bad hangover and couldn’t be bothered to get all dolled up. They order a bunch of pizza and wine and at some point, Bethenny mentions that she thinks they should go to Vermont to ski. FIRST OF ALL, SHE IS NOT MARRIED TO FUDGIE THE WHALE, SHE DOES NOT PAY HIS BILLS, SO HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR HER. Which would explain why she is so full volume and batshit crazy defensive here, screaming at Sonja that she is “not about going backwards, asswipe.” Somehow — mostly because Bethenny reacts to this whole situation with bemusement instead of betrayal — Dorinda peels herself off of the ceiling, and she and Sonja agree to move on and continue to “forge a friendship.” OK.When the group asks if Ramona is invited, Bethenny explains that she’d rather not include her, they did not see the way Ramona attacked her at Dorinda’s. SO BACK THAT SHIT UP, BECAUSE DORINDA “HAS [SONJA’S] PAPERS, FOR FRAUD.” And then Dorinda starts screaming “CLIP! And then with apologies to every other patron in the restaurant, the ladies take their leave, but not before one diner tells Princess Politics that she looks like “Ivania Trump.” ZING!

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